Industrial Wearable Tech

Redefining Productivity: Empowerment through Wearable Tech

Introducing the next generation of wearable headset technology designed to supercharge your abilities and redefine your work. This is not just a change, it’s a transformation. Our innovative technology offers smart glasses for various industrial uses. They serve as your work companion, guiding you through tasks and providing immediate information.

We provide hands-free industrial headsets to streamline workflows and facilitate multitasking, keeping you informed and in control. Our head-mounted displays, perfect for industrial maintenance and repair, provide essential data and visual aids directly in your field of view, eliminating the need for manuals or handheld devices.

The World’s Most Advanced 5G Industrial Use AR Product

10000mAh Large Battery

Compatible With Any Standard Safety Helmet
Industry-leading Diffraction Binocular Waveguide Display
Hands-free Smart Glasses for Industrial Applications. Fully Voice-operated
Intrinsically safe, suitable for Zone 1 explosive environments with IP66 dust and water protection.

Built For Maritime, Oil & Gas, Offshore And Logistic Industry

Remote Al

Remote Assist
loT Integration
With Auto Transcribe and Field Service Report Generation Features


Reduction in Local Travelling Cost


Reduction in Overseas Travelling Cost


Increase in Task Competency


Increase in Productivity

Cost Saving and Productivity Gain

Experience the transformation brought about by our wearable tech that not only leads to significant cost savings but also boosts productivity dramatically. It’s engineered to minimize your local traveling costs by 30% – 50%. That’s not all, it also slashes your overseas travel expenses by a massive 60% – 100%. This is made possible by the remote assist features of our smart glasses, which allow you to oversee and conduct operations such as maintenance and repair from any location.

Task competency is boosted by 40% – 60% through our smart tech features such as voice control, AI, and auto-transcribe. This also leads to a 40% – 60% rise in productivity due to our smart glasses’ extensive battery life and hands-free nature, enabling continuous work.

Helping Businesses Grow with Technology

Industrial Wearable Tech - Remote Assist

Remote Assist

Our remote assist function facilitates real-time, hands-free interaction between users and experts, regardless of location. Users can share their view via a headset, while experts can provide instructions, create diagrams, or send files directly to the user’s viewpoint.

Industrial Wearable Tech - Streamline Logistics Workflow

Streamline Logistics Workflow

In today’s competitive business arena, streamlined logistics are essential. They ensure smooth goods flow from the point of origin to the point of consumption, enhancing customer satisfaction and business success.
Industrial Wearable Tech - Stock Count

Stock Count

Our smart glasses can perform real-time inventory tracking, drastically reducing errors from manual counting and data entry. Our AI can analyze data and offer predictive insights, making inventory management smarter and more efficient.

Helping Businesses Grow

We’ve seen real-world impact from our technology through numerous case studies. Many businesses were able to significantly reduce travel costs and drastically improve task competency and productivity.

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